A Look at Scott Rocklage’s Interview with Ideamensch

Scott Rocklage was asked by Ideamensch what is one failure that he had experienced as a businessman and how did he overcome that failure in business. Scott Rocklage said that most of his business failures had to do with the human capital side of the business he was in. He is specifically referring to the management side here.

Mr. Rocklage says that if you hire somebody that does a poor job at your company, it is best to let them go and move on as quickly as possible. From his experience, performance reviews and reevaluation of goals will do little to change the poor management experience. This is because Scott Rocklage believes that it is almost impossible to change the performance characteristic of an individual.

Next, Ideamensch asked if Scott Rocklage had any business ideas he was willing to share with the Ideamensch community. To this Scott Rocklage said he did not have an answer because he only deals with scientific innovation and ideas which only other scientists can really grasp. Ideamensch then asked Mr. Rocklage what web services or software programs he uses and what he likes about them. Mr. Rocklage gave a similar response to this question. He said that software and web services don’t play any major roles in his life science venture capital investment firm.

Ideamensch inquired if Scott Rocklage has a book that he has found to be extremely inspiring or influential in his life and that he would recommend others read. Mr. Rocklage says he highly recommends the book called Good To Great written by Jim Collins. Scott Rocklage considers this book to be a classic and one of the best ways to understand how business works. It also provides a lot of insight into performance and how to improve one’s own performance in the business world. To know more click here.

Scott Rocklage was asked what he considers to be a major reason why he is successful at his venture capital investment firm, 5AM Ventures. Mr. Rocklage says he attributes a lot of his success to his measured risk taking. This involves carefully deciding where to invest your money and gauging the risk to payoff ratio. Not being afraid to take risks is another key factor in his success.

The Mega Rise of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

If you haven’t heard of Kate Hudson’s absolutely adorable line of “athleisure” wear – meaning athletic wear that is actually stylish – well, you may be living under a rock. The brand has soared to incredible heights in just three years, amassing $250 million in sales and being compared to unicorns such as Apple.


One reason for its success is that Fabletics chose to approach their brand differently that those already in the athletic wear space. Instead of opening a chain of stores or holding a mass of pop-up shoppes, Fabletics utilizes the reverse showroom technique. The technique simply means that instead of inviting buyers into stores, they are taken into an entire digital world of shopping, branding, information, and invited to become part of a similar fan base of purchasers. We’ve all done it…gone to a store looking for something and then found it for a few dollars cheaper online for a different, possibly wholesale, retailer and purchased it there instead. That is just the way today’s digital savvy user chooses to buy things, they know they have options. While other companies are paying the high overhead costs for their stores, the staff, product display and more, Fabletics’ reverse showroom technique allows people to browse from the comfort of their own homes. They also utilize a very unique membership plan, where members commit to a certain monthly spend and receive their trendy athletic gear each month, which flexible options to hold your shipment each month.


As far as the quality of the product goes? It’s great!! The leggings especially are not only trendy, but very high-quality material that can be compared to some of the more expensive brands on today’s legging market. The leggings have good compression, i.e. your booty looks good, thick material that doesn’t allow any see-through faux paus, and they also retain their shape wash after wash. The tops are very trendy and choices are always evolving to meet the changing styles of the athletic fashion market. There are also free returns, which is wonderful. I also really enjoyed that there was a Lifestyle Quiz on the site prior to getting started. The quiz asks you questions about your workout habits and fashion preferences, to avoid returns and help make sure you get the pieces you really want. Overall, Fabletics is a fun and new way to get me motivated to work and and to look great in the process.


A great unsponsored review can be found on the blog a Foodie Stays Fit.

Where To Travel When You Live The Eco Life

Travelers spend a lot of time digging through destinations looking for those that fit their criteria. Recently travelers have been spending a lot of time looking for those destinations that fit their eco-friendly dispositions, while still remaining beautiful destinations. This can be tricky given that a lot of the most popular resort spots are being killed by their own popularity. If you’re looking for some green destinations that you can feel good about visiting, we’re happy to let you know that we have two places that may fit your needs.Learn more : http://wildark.com/travel/

The Republic of Palau
A small country comprised of approximately 500 islands, this Pacific Ocean destination is located between the Philippines and Guam. A popular spot for divers, it was in danger from the interference of those visitors. Its location in Micronesia has helped to keep it off the tourism radar, but that doesn’t mean the government isn’t being proactive in trying to maintain the environment in a mostly untouched state.Learn more : http://wildark.com/news/

Costa Rica

We know, Costa Rica is one of the big buzz words when it comes to international travel. With a broad range of features attractive to the world traveler, including lush rain forests, nature reserves, and national parks, it’s surprising that it’s one of the leading countries in sustainable development. All lodgings in the country are rated by their eco-conscientiousness, meaning you can find both ritzy and rustic eco-lodges with access to amenities like organic dining from nearby farms, naturally-heated rock pools, and nature tours.

A quiet destination little known to most tourist’s, Lithuania has embraced the U.N.’s sustainable development goals and works every year towards a greener tourism industry. How eco-friendly are they? They’re working towards a 23% renewable energy goal by 2020, and they were nearly there in 2015. Their national parks are not to be missed.

Companies like Wild Ark are working to secure green belts in destinations like these to protect biodiversity and wildlife while creating an opportunity for research that will inspire people to reconnect with nature and work to protect it. The concerns of founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson lead them to work on ways to make a difference, and discover the perils facing the wild places of the world and prevent them from disappearing.Learn more : https://medium.com/@wildark

Lifeline Screening Is The Ultimate 21st Century Preventative Healthcare Strategy,’’ Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Many deaths are avoidable if there is a plan to detect potential health problems early, says Dr. Andrew Monganaro, the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening. Dr. Manganaro spent 35 years in the private practice of cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery prior to starting Life Line Screening (LSS), a preventative health screening company offering many types of tests to identify health issues before they become serious or cause fatalities.

Most of the time, people with potentially life threatening health challenges do not have the means to know of emerging health challenges, or to take preventive measures. The earlier people detect health problems, the better it is for them to seek the right medical solutions.

“We need some ways to help people identify any potential health challenges before it is too late,” notes Dr. Monganaro. The risk of stroke, vascular diseases, and osteoporosis is on the rise,’’ he notes.

The Importance of Detecting Ill Health Signs Early

The idea of Life Line Screening started when Dr. Monganaro worked as a cardiovascular surgeon in private practice. He would come across several catastrophic health cases, such as carotid embolic stroke and ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, which were preventable if only the patients had been aware of their sicknesses before the chronic stages.
“Life Line Screening,’’ explains Dr. Monganaro, “offers the opportunity to identify asymptomatic diseases early for the patients to start the necessary lifestyle changes. For the doctors, Life Line Screening would help them prescribe the medication that stops disease progression and any catastrophes in the future.’’

Potentially lifesaving screening tests provided by Life Line Screening include electrocardiogram, or EKG, using non invasive electrodes. There are also abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease) and, bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk).

Besides, blood screens for total cholesterol, glucose levels to determine diabetes risk, C-reactive protein, an indicator for cardiovascular disease, and the levels of ALT and AST liver enzymes, an indicator of liver injury are available at “>Life Line Screening too.

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End Citizens United Continues The Fight

In 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States decided one of the most important cases brought before the court in the history of the United States. The court ruled in the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C. that “corporations are people” thus opening the door for big donors and special interests to contribute unlimited and untraceable funds to influence America’s elections. With this open door billionaires such as the Koch Brothers and many other corporations are legally spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to influence our election process. This decision has led to much debate about how the balance of power is controlled when this much money is involved. Many Americans do not agree with this Supreme Court ruling and have formed a Political Action Committee that intends to reverse this momentous decision.


End Citizens United established in March 2015 with the mission of overturning Citizens United and reversing the disastrous effects of this ruling by reforming the campaign finance system. They intend to demonstrate to elected officials, candidates and the voters that the grassroots are fighting back with vigor against the billionaires who are trying to buy our elections. The key to building a coalition that will work toward finance reform is by supporting candidates that are pro-reform and passing state ballot measures. End Citizens United will make the matter of money in politics a national priority, exposing how unlimited, dark money, is corrupting our political system.


End Citizens United will support Democrats and Independents that have demonstrated a desire to promote campaign reform. They will also stand behind candidates that are being attacked by special interest groups, their big donors and their network of Super Pac’s. End Citizens United realize this is going to be a long fight, Republican leadership in Congress will do everything in their power to see this disastrous Supreme Court decision remains in place.


In recent news End Citizens United is raising a lot of money that will support chosen candidates in the mid-term elections of 2018. During the first quarter of this year, the group has raised over $4 million and expects to raise over $35 million before the midterm congressional elections. These donations are a significant increase over the $25 million raised for the 2016 elections, the first election cycle for End Citizens United. The $4 million reflects around 100,000 people contributing during the first quarter, with around 40,000 of these being first-time donors. The average amount donated so far this year is $12. For individuals who feel they are being excluded from the electoral process by mega-donors, this is a way to fight back, proving grassroots efforts can work. The recent appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the way it was handled by Congress has only added to the commitment of supporters of End Citizens United.


The New Venture Of Construcap Is Engenharia e Projetos

Fluor Corporation and Construcap of Brazil are getting into a new joint venture. They will have their office in Sẵo Paulo. This new venture will be called CFPS Engenharia e Projetos, S.A.

This venture will pursue engineering and procurement in addition to construction management services. Construcap is among the largest engineering, procurement as well as construction companies in Brazil. It has been around for nearly 70 years now. It serves the industrial, commercial as well as heavy civil markets.

Hence ventures like CFPS Engenharia e Projetos will be linking this growing presence of Construcap in Brazil along with the project execution capabilities as well as global resources of Fluor Corporation at http://www.catho.com.br/vagas-emprego/construcap/125218/. Both these companies will be providing technology along with human resources to CFPS. The aim is to bring forth an improvement in project performance as well as predictability. This will help to enhance the growth of their Brazilian clients by increasing their profitability on construcap.com.br.

Fluor has nearly 100 years of experience in engineering, procuring as well as constructing successful projects. Their projects are spread over six continents. This is going to be combined with the leadership role of Construcap in Brazil. It is a winning combination for the clients, shareholders and even the communities.

Initially, the office for CFPS Engenharia e Projetos will have about 200 professionals. It will be located at Agua Branca in Sẵo Paulo. This new venture will be providing world-class project services on jornalcruzeiro.com.br. It will be catering to clients in the oil, gas, as well as chemicals and petrochemicals sectors. Even the industrial, power along with mining industries will be benefitting from their combined strengths.

Construcap was founded in 1944. It is a construction company. It is privately held and is a Brazilian company. It has over 12000 employees. It is focused on technological innovation as well as sustainability.

Karl Heideck: A Prominent Litigator With A Mission To Deliver Exceptional Representation

Litigation refers to the proceedings aimed at defending or enforcing a legal right. The individuals representing the two parties in a conflict are known as litigators. Litigation involves a series of steps that may end in a trial. These steps may end up in a trial to resolve the dispute between the defendant and plaintiff. This process begins by trying to solve the issue outside the court. But in the event of constant disagreement, the matter is taken to trial. Below are steps involved in a litigation process;

• Issuance of writ of summons and statement of claim by the defendants

• Filing of an appearance by the respondent to acknowledge receipt of the writ of summons

• Filing a statement of defense

• Application of summary of judgment by the plaintiff after reviewing the statement of defense

• Counterclaim and its subsequent defense

• Discovery of documents and their examination

• Trial and sentence after the two parties present their claims

• Settlement

Karl Heideck’s educational background ad career

Karl Heideck is an attorney from the Great Philadelphia Area. He is knowledgeable in compliance, litigation, and risk management review. Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree in arts from Swarthmore College. He later obtained a J.D. degree in law from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Throughout his career, Heideck has worked for various law firms in Philadelphia and parts of Delaware. He began his career at Conrad O’ Brien as an associate.

While working for this firm, Karl Heideck represented corporations and individual clients in commercial litigation matters, such as SEC receivership and government investigations. He also worked at Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney for three years. Currently, he works as contract’s attorney at Grant & EisenHofer, PA. In this company, he is involved in issues related to liquidity, transactions, acquisitions, and risk management. Heideck participates in the development and review of protocols related to litigation matters.

View Source: https://medium.com/@karl_heideck

Crucial Information About Betsy DeVos’ Acts of Benevolence

Apart from being a famous reformist with firm Christian foundations, Betsy is also a kindhearted person. When it comes to politics, Betsy and her husband are conservatives and have channeled an equally huge lump sum towards sponsoring Democratic candidates. However, this can never compare to the massive amounts they have always donated towards the less fortunate. Back in 1989, Betsy and her husband Dick founded a charitable foundation, which they have been bankrolling until now.

In 2015, the billionaire couple was believed to have spent over $ 10 million on several organizations and pledged to give further support in years to come. Among the organizations they have been funding include; Loudspeaker Media Inc., Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House, Alliance for School Choice, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy to mention but a few. The couples’ giving has just been incredible.

Betsy’s Life Background and Political Influence

Betsy was born to Elsa and Edgar in 1958. The Holland-bred lady graduated from Calvin College with a bachelor’s in arts. While on campus she had participated in politics. It is also notable that she was raised on such firm Christian grounds, which she stands for until date. From 1982 she endeavored in politics and took the office of a local precinct delegate for the Michigan Republican Party for two terms in a row, up to 1986.

Again between 1992 and 1997, she served the office of Michigan’s national committeewoman, after which she became the chairperson of Michigan Democratic Party. In 2000 she confessed to having never been shy. She always fought aggressively and pushed what she believed in. Being an iron woman with a great mind, following with naivety was never her position. The reformist in her would never allow her to settle for status quo. Read more news on nytimes.com.

What Betsy’s Business Career Life Looks Like

Betsy chairs a group called Windquest, which invests in tech, development, and clean energy. The venture was launched by the couple back in 1989. She had also been sitting in board meetings at Neurocore, a group providing therapies for people with disorders such as autism, depression, anxiety and several others.

Currently, Betsy is humbly serving in the office of U.S education secretary. She assumed the office on February 7, 2017, under the presidency of Donald Trump. It is thought that her defined ground on Christianity influenced the president to nominate Betsy for that important office.


Mainly, the couple gives to demonstrate what education means to them. They ensure a high allotment towards educational courses. For organizations that are in support of education reform, it has been wonderful working with the couple as they finance them often. Probably it is because of their high priority towards education that Betsy DeVos serves as the U.S Education Secretary. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Securus Technologies Defends Principles

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications for corrections facilities, safety organizations, and law enforcement organizations. The company currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and their families and over 3,400 clients all across North America.


With the services that Securus offers, inmates can connect with their families on a daily basis, if they wish. Their communications technology allows hookups with iPhones, Androids, VOIP, tablets, and regular landline setups. Calling plans include collect calls, prepaid calls, inmate debit, where the call is paid for by the inmate, and direct billing. The very popular video calling system lets both parties view each other during the call if they have a webcam setup on both ends. Jail voicemail, email, and a money transfer system are other features that are available.


Certainly, Securus has paved the way in showing how to successfully build and maintain a high volume communications platform while at the same time keep customer satisfaction and excellent service at maximum levels.


In recent months, GTL, a competitor has spewed forth a mountain of falsehoods and blatant lies regarding how they claim that their pricing and servicing capabilities exceed those of Securus. The false information being thrown out into the void is remarkable and unbelievable.


Securus made the decision to halt the nonsense so they put forth an offer to have a public challenge where the metrics of both companies would be compared in a public manner with proof required to back up the claims. A disinterested third party would “officiate” the process, and the winner would be announced publicly.


When the challenge was announced, there was sudden silence from the other side for a few weeks, and then GTL politely declined the challenge. Securus knew this would happen, as there is no way GTL can stack up against the track record that Securus has developed over the years.


Kim Dao Spends A Weekend In Tokyo

Kim Dao recently posted a video on YouTube showing her weekend adventure in Tokyo with her friend, Sharla. After she met some friends at the subway station Kim Dao went to find a place to eat lunch. They settled on going to Family Mart where they got spicy chicken and milk.

After eating Kim Dao went shopping, stopping at a place to admire the headbands and necklaces they had for sale. After this, they visited the Sando district of Tokyo and visited a shop with cat themed trinkets and dolls. She also stopped to shop for clothes at a great place where everything was 50% off.

Kim Dao’s next stop was a YouTube event in Roppongi. The event featured local YouTube stars videos playing on monitors in the wall. There were also tables filled with food including cupcakes. Kim also stopped in a photo booth with her friends where they took several fun pictures of themselves. Around sundown Kim Dao left the YouTube event and went to an eatery called cafe the 6BT where they had dinner where Kim had a Soymilk Tartar Sandwich Plate.

On Sunday Kim Dao again went out with her friend Sharla. The first thing they did was have their nails done at a salon. After stopping at a Subway for lunch Kim Dao and Sharla wen to go shopping again where she bought gifts for a friend in the hospital. Later in the day she again had dinner with her friends and finished the day off with donuts.

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