Betsy DeVos: A Leading Reformer

Betsy DeVos has been a reformer since her time at Calvin College, which is when she was known as Elisabeth Prince. Since then, Mrs. DeVos has been at the forefront of a wide range of party organizations, political campaigns, and political action committees. She served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years, and she is dedicated to finding innovative ways to solve social problems in the United States.


Mrs. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos. He is also a reformer and was a Republican nominee for the Governor of Michigan. In 1989, the couple founded the Windquest Group, which is a multi-company organization that puts focus on clean energy, technology, and manufacturing.


She has also contributed her time and resources to numerous nonprofit organizations. Mrs. DeVos is the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and she is also a member of many local and national boards. These include the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church.


During an interview Mrs. DeVos explained that she became interested in the educational-choice movement in the 1990s, and she served on two national charity boards that included Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. These organizations worked to provide children with educational choice vouchers and tax credits. Mrs. DeVos has been determined since then to fight for educational reform through the use of vouchers.


According to Mrs. DeVos, one of her biggest accomplishments was the tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. Since the program started, it has expanded and now has more than 50,000 students who can attend the school of their choice. Mrs. DeVos explained that she doesn’t want American students restricted to a certain school based on their zip code.


She also shows interest in the potential of digital learning and feels that homeschooling is a valid option for parents who want to take control of their children’s education. Mrs. DeVos stated that she understands how parents can have frustration because they lack power of their children’s education, and homeschooling gives parents control of their children’s education. She also feels that charter schools are an ideal choice as an alternative to public schools. She feels the educational choice movement involves virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, vouchers, and tax credits.


Mrs. DeVos feels that education is a top priority. In 2015, the DeVos couple donated more than $3 million to educational charities, which was 26 percent of their charitable donations that year. The DeVos family is well-known for making charitable donations without mandating how the funds are used, but when they do make suggestions, it is because they feel it will make a positive impact.


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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Explores The Overcrowded Emergecy Rooms Of America

A growing problem in this country, and especially in Florida, is the fact that patients are burdening emergency rooms for non-emergency ailments. For at least a few decades, this has always been a growing trend and is only worsening with an increase in the country’s population. The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) had published an in-depth report showing patient data an non-emergency cases.

According to the medical veteran, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, emergency rooms may be abused by those that lack health insurance. Emergency rooms are equipped with the latest equipment and expert staff, which tends to each patient regardless of their urgency. In the case of frivolous patients, it is an exhaustion of resources and effort by the emergency room team.

In a country that provides socialized health care, non-urgent cases could have been dealt with local clinics rather than the last resort. Considering the high costs of medical staff in the United States, the cost of frivolous cases in emergency rooms burdening the private medical system.

The reasoning of why patients choose to use the emergency room over traditional care may vary, but the immediate financial matter is likely to be the case. A study completed by the Annals of Emergency Medicine reflected that many patients with minor illnesses thought that they would save time by instead using the emergency rooms. Even with high-income patients that were sometimes the case.

It is also evident that younger patients are more likely to seek out an emergency room for minor complaints. It may be due to a lack of experience with illnesses or the fact that many are without insurance. Unemployment is also a contributing factor.

Some suggestions from the medical community are being considered at a national level, such as adding copays to emergency room visits. This case may be unlikely since it has the potential to bar low-income patients from going to the emergency room when it is sincerely a grave situation. The JAMA Internal Medicine had analyzed adding copays to patients with Medicare is select locations and it had a very little effect on non-essential emergency room visits.

The Washington Post had analyzed that Medicare users were three times more likely to use the emergency room than those paying for insurance. Basic treatments for infections, asthma attacks, and routine testing were the majority of such cases. At the very least, Medicare will be able to offload the losses taken by hospitals in these cases.

More about Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an ER doctor from the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. He was educated at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine and has several years of experience in the harsh conditions of Florida’s emergency rooms.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts Crash Of Bitcoin

There are dire economic predictions pouring out of Twitter these days and we should all take notice. The source of these negative tweets is Shervin Pishevar who was an early investor in Uber and served as the head of Sherpa Capital. The man knows the economy. He has built a career out of understanding how it works.

That’s why we should all listen when Shervin Pishevar tweets that cheap money is dead. He believes that underemployment has hardened into our economic system to create stasis. It’s easy to see if you are looking in the right places. Economic inequality is at an all-time high in the United States as the Trump Administration continues to roll back taxes on the wealthy.

The Trump Administration draws some ire from Shervin Pishevar during his sweet storm. He believes that the trade wars perpetrated by the Trump Administration will cause the markets to crash more than 6,000 points. He believes that the skittishness of investors will be driven to an all-time high as trade becomes more volatile.

Shervin Pishevar is predicting an economic collapse and it is all playing out in real time on his Twitter account. And these tweets come after a resignation from Sherpa Capital which is a company he helped found. He believes that truculent enemies from his past are trying to drag him down with baseless accusations. He resigned from his post in order to save his company the effort of helping him in his fight. He now fights alone.

Shervin Pishevar has been relatively quiet ever since he announced his resignation via Twitter. This massive tweet storm lasted 24 hours. Experts are unsure of why the ex-head of Sherpa Capital has taken to Twitter in such a vociferous way. But, regardless of his intent, I think the capitalist world needs to take note.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the bond market will attempt to rally after the stock market crashes. It will fail to carry the equities market before collapsing indefinitely. He then sees gold rising in response while Bitcoin crashes, as well. However, he sees Bitcoin rising back up slowly over the next two years.

Eric Lefkofsky Working to Enhance the Quality of Life

Eric Lefkofsky aims to enhance the quality of life for human beings through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he cofounded with his wife Liz. Eric Lefkofsky, a graduate of the University of Michigan, found success in the business world through hard work and dedication and recognizes the need to utilize the benefits of his success to help others. He co-founded Tempus, which is a technology company that focuses on assisting doctors in personalizing treatment for cancer through the use of analytics and data. In addition to Tempus technology making data more readily available to doctors and patients, it also makes data available to researchers who are conducting lifesaving research on a daily basis. The overarching goal of Tempus is to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. This mirrors the stated goal of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is to enhance the quality of life for all humans.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation started its mission in 2006, striving to enhance the quality of human life through four specific missions. The first mission is to ensure that children have access to quality education, with a special emphasis on assisting middle school aged children. The second mission is to help girls in vulnerable communities by ensuring that their inherent human rights are protected. The third mission is to assist innovative medical research to help those afflicted with terrible diseases such as cancer. Finally, the fourth mission of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation is to assist cultural initiatives, which helps foster a sense of community among those from different cultures. All four of these missions help propel the quality of life of all humans, whether they are directly or indirectly benefitted from the foundation. Eric Lefkofsky and his family has suffered loss in the past and they have decided to use their time and resources to help prevent further suffering and improve the quality of life for all humans.

Graeme Holm Will Be Around For Infinity

Graeme Holm is a competitor at heart. A former semi pro football player, he transitioned into finance after a career-ending injury. He transferred his competitiveness into the banking industry and made his way to manager at the age of 21. He is a compassionate person who wants to see homeowners in good situations. Graeme has mainly focused on home and investment loans through his stellar career. Holm saw a gap in the home loan and mortgage industry within his community and aimed to help fill those gaps.

For countless people globally, the knowledge of home loan repayment and finance management hasn’t always been easily attained. So during 2013, Graeme and his partner Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia. Their passion to help people reach their financial goals gave them the motivation they needed early on.

With a genuine approach to help others better their financial situations, IGA rapidly flourished within its first 12 months. The company has made tremendous efforts helping the Australian community and furthered its influence annually since 2013. With over 20 members apart of the IGA staff, every member brings something unique to the organization.

Holm’s drive to help mortgage borrowers decrease debt has kept him pushing for all these years. Giving support and guidance to all clients he encounters puts them at ease. Banks are operations that work as a structured-system and not always as a service, Graeme Holm has assisted in filling this gap stupendously. His ability to build authentic rapports with his clients has gave his business a reputation that precedes. Numerous testimonials from Infinity Group Australia’s clients shows how Holm and his business operates. Graeme mentioned in an interview that his persistence of not giving up has made him successful. He and his investment company has earned an abundance of awards over the past years. It is evident that Graeme Holm and IGA are passionate people who are here for the long run. Learn more :


Wes Edens, Sports and Commuting

Wes Edens is a widely known professional who is in charge of Brightline. This is a private train that’s a component of the comprehensive passenger rail network within the United States at the moment. Brightline is recently becoming a strong choice for people who do a lot of traveling for work in the state of Florida. It helps people who need to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and vice versa. People who have to go from one of these communities to the other often have many difficulties with the process. It can be a time-consuming affair for anyone. Brightline is at the helm of trains that can accommodate people with their Fort Lauderdale and Miami travel requirements numerous times on a daily basis. Busy people who don’t even want to have to think about getting behind the wheel can turn to Brightline with ease.

Fortress Investment Group is Brightline’s owner. Wes Edens is a big executive on the Fortress Investment Group team, too. He’s an Oregon State University alumnus who wants to do anything in his capacity to make transportations within the United States a lot more streamlined. He has his sights set on some major United States metropolises as well. These include Houston and Dallas in Texas. He wants to simplify transportation processes for people who are in these cities.

Wes Edens is now working with Nassef Sawiris from the Middle Eastern nation of Egypt. They’ve come to a major decision as a pair. They’re purchasing Aston Villa majority stakes. This is the name of a soccer team that hails from England in the United Kingdom. Tony Xia is the individual who acquired it a couple of years ago. He’s an entrepreneur who comes from China. He has landed a Co-Chairman position. He’s going to stay involved with its board as well.

Wes Edens handles many different matters that pertain to investments that are within the private equity realm. He has a zeal for all kinds of sports, too. He’s the Milwaukee Bucks’ ardent co-owner. This is a basketball team that has a massive national presence in America. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens buy Aston Villa controlling stake

Anti-Aging Solutions from Jeunesse

Jeunesse is known for providing top-notch products that address a variety of health and beauty needs. While their entire product line is known for its quality, the Luminesce collection offered by Jeunesse is truly something to behold. Women now have the ability to tackle aging issues without resorting to plastic surgery. Jeunesse’s anti-aging products were all developed by leading dermatologists to add hydration and help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in your skin.


Part of what makes the anti-aging products from Jeunesse so unique is its proprietary APT-200. When used all together, these products help exfoliate, moisturize and smooth your skin. After the dead skin cells are washed away, your skin is treated to a soothing blend of moisture and natural ingredients to help it radiate from across the room. You will not want to stop feeling how smooth your skin is to the touch after using a consistent regimen of Jeunesse anti-aging products from the Luminesce line.


Jeunesse has become a global brand and one of the leading providers of health and beauty products based on its worldwide reputation for developing effective product lines based on real science. The organization was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis and is guided by their vision to provide access to as many customers as possible to proven products that will allow them to live the best version of their lives. They developed the Youth Enhancement System distributed by Jeunesse, which includes both supplements and skin care products, such as the Luminesce line.


Jeunesse is at the cutting-edge of research and development in the areas of anti-aging and skin care. Some of the new initiatives being undertaken by Jeunesse include DNA repair, fat loss, adult stem cells and nutrigenomics. The team of scientists at Jeunesse are focused on improving the quality of life for Jeunesse all across the world. Jeunesse products are sold through direct selling relationships with ambassadors of the brand. Jeunesse customers come from all walks of life and share a common interest in enhancing youth and living an active, healthy lifestyle by being proactive about their aging and health.


Banyan hill senior editor and financial writer championed the concept of freedom checks for many years. In the early 1980s, the US government committed itself to a reduction of oil and gas imports, which was due to over-dependence of the government on oil and gas imports from the Middle East. Congress enacted a new law called Statute 26-F that gives tax benefits to companies that engage in the production of oil and gas within the country. The law encourages the US citizens to invest in the natural resources sector.

Statute 26-F allowed the formation of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) which are publicly traded. MLP is a company that deals in the production, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas in the US. Investors buy shares in the MLPs and the capital raised is used in the production of oil and gas through the purchase of infrastructure, paying workers and marketing the products generated after exploration and processing.

The payments that the investors receive are referred to as freedom checks and are payable on a monthly or quarterly basis. Checks follow the concept of dividends paid on stock shares, but unlike dividends, Checks do not attract income tax. In case an investor wants to sell their shares in an MLP, they are charged tax at the capital gains tax which is lower compared to income tax. Investment in this sector is, therefore, more favorable than in any other sector as long as an investor selects an MLP that will grow.

Currently, there are over 550 MLPs in the US in the oil and gas sector. The government also allows real estate investment trusts to apply to be MLPs. There trusts mainly generate income from rental properties and also pay at least 90 percent of their earnings to their shareholders. The advantage of freedom checks is that investors with as low as $10 can still invest and watch as their money grows over the years. Unlike many get rich quick schemes that are scams, freedom checks are legitimate, and all that an investor requires is an investment in a master limited partnership, and the earnings start coming.

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Bruno Fagali: Understanding Business Legal Problems

Are you searching for a lawyer that can address business legal issues effectively? Do you want to hire a powerful business or corporate lawyer? Perhaps you are interested in hiring a good lawyer in Brazil. That’s where Bruno Fagali comes in – to render the best quality legal solution to you.

If you need an experienced Administrative law attorney or Regulatory law attorney in Brazil, then get in touch with Bruno. As a renowned attorney, Bruno advises and represents organizations, corporate executives and entrepreneurs and is a highly sought after attorney.

It is extremely important to select the right lawyer to guide you. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your team will help ensure a great outcome. Bruno is well known for resolving cases effectively. He has great expertise in a wide variety of legal fields and comes highly recommended. Maybe you are interested in hiring an expert in Urban law, Ethics or Compliance. Bruno handles these areas of law as well. Read more about Fagali on Crunchbase.

Bruno Fagali is passionate about rendering high quality legal services to clients and he has the resources to meet your needs. Whether you are going through a complex corporate legal matter or you want to get advise on an important legal topic, Bruno Fagali has the experience to guide you.

If you are facing a dispute case, or you want to be represented in a breach of contract matter, it is imperative to choose a lawyer who has vast experience in these areas. Lawsuits and complicated legal issues can be very stressful and a source of frustration for many people.

Having a lawyer on your team is a great way to protect your investment, and ensure that you are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. A lawyer who already knows your organization or business, will be able to address your legal matters effectively.

Any business owner, organization or company manager who wants to get excellent outcome in their case should contact a powerful lawyer like Bruno Fagali. He has been providing top notch legal solutions for years and he can help you to resolve your case.



Drew Madden Believes That The Big Story Right Now Is Amazon And CVS

You can choose to pay attention to whatever the news media puts out there for you to consume or you can search out the big stories for yourself. Right now, one of the most under the radar stories out there according to experts like Drew Madden is a story of titan versus titan. This of course refers to the ongoing business maneuvers of Amazon and CVS.

For the record, Drew Madden is a professional in the healthcare IT space who has worked his way up from a simple employee at a healthcare IT company all the way into being his own boss as an entrepreneur in the space. You might imagine that he has a lot of experience in this area, and you would be right about that.

CVS and Amazon has been an interesting battle for him to keep an eye on as both are doing whatever they possibly can to gain a stronger foothold in the realm of healthcare. CVS is obviously already an established player, but they are attempting to become even stronger in their position as they do fear companies like Amazon moving in on their space. At the same time, some companies such as Walgreens and the like have not been nearly as proactive in reacting to the kinds of things that Amazon has been doing.

You could say that these are just two different approaches to the same problem, but it is hard to deny that CVS seems to be making the better call here, at least on the surface of things.

What we have right now is a classic battle of the ages between two companies that really badly want to do each other in. Drew Madden has a front row seat to it all as he continues to sit atop his perch in the healthcare IT industry. The rest of us just have to wait and see what happens as we all hope for the best when it comes to how these companies will settle out their issues. At this precise moment it is difficult to say who will ultimately come out on top. All that we do know is that it is bound to be a pretty good battle.