Where To Travel When You Live The Eco Life

Travelers spend a lot of time digging through destinations looking for those that fit their criteria. Recently travelers have been spending a lot of time looking for those destinations that fit their eco-friendly dispositions, while still remaining beautiful destinations. This can be tricky given that a lot of the most popular resort spots are being killed by their own popularity. If you’re looking for some green destinations that you can feel good about visiting, we’re happy to let you know that we have two places that may fit your needs.Learn more : http://wildark.com/travel/

The Republic of Palau
A small country comprised of approximately 500 islands, this Pacific Ocean destination is located between the Philippines and Guam. A popular spot for divers, it was in danger from the interference of those visitors. Its location in Micronesia has helped to keep it off the tourism radar, but that doesn’t mean the government isn’t being proactive in trying to maintain the environment in a mostly untouched state.Learn more : http://wildark.com/news/

Costa Rica

We know, Costa Rica is one of the big buzz words when it comes to international travel. With a broad range of features attractive to the world traveler, including lush rain forests, nature reserves, and national parks, it’s surprising that it’s one of the leading countries in sustainable development. All lodgings in the country are rated by their eco-conscientiousness, meaning you can find both ritzy and rustic eco-lodges with access to amenities like organic dining from nearby farms, naturally-heated rock pools, and nature tours.

A quiet destination little known to most tourist’s, Lithuania has embraced the U.N.’s sustainable development goals and works every year towards a greener tourism industry. How eco-friendly are they? They’re working towards a 23% renewable energy goal by 2020, and they were nearly there in 2015. Their national parks are not to be missed.

Companies like Wild Ark are working to secure green belts in destinations like these to protect biodiversity and wildlife while creating an opportunity for research that will inspire people to reconnect with nature and work to protect it. The concerns of founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson lead them to work on ways to make a difference, and discover the perils facing the wild places of the world and prevent them from disappearing.Learn more : https://medium.com/@wildark