Karl Heideck: A Prominent Litigator With A Mission To Deliver Exceptional Representation

Litigation refers to the proceedings aimed at defending or enforcing a legal right. The individuals representing the two parties in a conflict are known as litigators. Litigation involves a series of steps that may end in a trial. These steps may end up in a trial to resolve the dispute between the defendant and plaintiff. This process begins by trying to solve the issue outside the court. But in the event of constant disagreement, the matter is taken to trial. Below are steps involved in a litigation process;

• Issuance of writ of summons and statement of claim by the defendants

• Filing of an appearance by the respondent to acknowledge receipt of the writ of summons

• Filing a statement of defense

• Application of summary of judgment by the plaintiff after reviewing the statement of defense

• Counterclaim and its subsequent defense

• Discovery of documents and their examination

• Trial and sentence after the two parties present their claims

• Settlement

Karl Heideck’s educational background ad career

Karl Heideck is an attorney from the Great Philadelphia Area. He is knowledgeable in compliance, litigation, and risk management review. Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree in arts from Swarthmore College. He later obtained a J.D. degree in law from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Throughout his career, Heideck has worked for various law firms in Philadelphia and parts of Delaware. He began his career at Conrad O’ Brien as an associate.

While working for this firm, Karl Heideck represented corporations and individual clients in commercial litigation matters, such as SEC receivership and government investigations. He also worked at Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney for three years. Currently, he works as contract’s attorney at Grant & EisenHofer, PA. In this company, he is involved in issues related to liquidity, transactions, acquisitions, and risk management. Heideck participates in the development and review of protocols related to litigation matters.

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