Anti-Aging Solutions from Jeunesse

Jeunesse is known for providing top-notch products that address a variety of health and beauty needs. While their entire product line is known for its quality, the Luminesce collection offered by Jeunesse is truly something to behold. Women now have the ability to tackle aging issues without resorting to plastic surgery. Jeunesse’s anti-aging products were all developed by leading dermatologists to add hydration and help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in your skin.


Part of what makes the anti-aging products from Jeunesse so unique is its proprietary APT-200. When used all together, these products help exfoliate, moisturize and smooth your skin. After the dead skin cells are washed away, your skin is treated to a soothing blend of moisture and natural ingredients to help it radiate from across the room. You will not want to stop feeling how smooth your skin is to the touch after using a consistent regimen of Jeunesse anti-aging products from the Luminesce line.


Jeunesse has become a global brand and one of the leading providers of health and beauty products based on its worldwide reputation for developing effective product lines based on real science. The organization was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis and is guided by their vision to provide access to as many customers as possible to proven products that will allow them to live the best version of their lives. They developed the Youth Enhancement System distributed by Jeunesse, which includes both supplements and skin care products, such as the Luminesce line.


Jeunesse is at the cutting-edge of research and development in the areas of anti-aging and skin care. Some of the new initiatives being undertaken by Jeunesse include DNA repair, fat loss, adult stem cells and nutrigenomics. The team of scientists at Jeunesse are focused on improving the quality of life for Jeunesse all across the world. Jeunesse products are sold through direct selling relationships with ambassadors of the brand. Jeunesse customers come from all walks of life and share a common interest in enhancing youth and living an active, healthy lifestyle by being proactive about their aging and health.

Penelope Kokkinides Is A Healthcare Voice For Puerto Rico

InnovaCare, Inc. is an innovative healthcare company which serves the citizens of Puerto Rico under the private plan name of MMM Healthcare, Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. The healthcare programs are Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans which are a part of the island’s Government Health Plan (GHP) which provides extensive coverage for its residents. InnovaCare, Inc. is a success because of their partnership with payors and providers working together to provide quality healthcare services.


Helping to lead this premier health plan system is Ms. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. The President and CEO of InnovaCare is Mr. Richard Shinto who was hired in 2016. Ms. Kokkinides is experienced in working with the Medicare and Medicaid programs in different healthcare industries. Kokkinides has years of corporate leadership experience in healthcare having worked at Centerlight Health Care, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice.


In years past and more recently, since Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s GHP and InnovaCare Medicaid programs are tenaciously working to make sure that all residents receive medical treatment without any interruptions. To identify how well InnovaCare is working on the island, the company was honored by Medicare and Medicaid with a top-tier healthcare rating. InnovaCare was also rewarded with Puerto Rico’s NCQA accreditation.


In 2017, Penelope Kokkinides was invited to the White House, along with eight other women who were administrators of healthcare organizations. As a roundtable discussion, Mr. Kokkinides became the healthcare voice of Puerto Rico. In the presence of President Donald Trump and CMS Administrator Seema Verma, Ms. Kokkinides addressed critical issues affecting the Island. The issues involved creating a stronger more secure health care service across Puerto Rico and to receive additional health care funding from the government to support Puerto Rico.


Penelope Kokkinides stated that if more funding is not provided and the system collapses, then Puerto Rico citizens could possibly move to the States where they would be eligible for Medicare, but which would cost them three times than what Puerto Rico is expressing presently. The Trump Administration stated that they were considering making changes to all Medicare Advantage programs and which would help Puerto Rico keep their heads above water.


Mr. Kokkinides told the Administration and CMS that the government’s financial assistance is not only the right thing to do but is the more responsible thing to do. At the conclusion of the meeting, President Trump gave accolades to women working in the healthcare industry and their leadership roles. A few days after the meeting, CMS approved financial adjustment plans for Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System.


Sussex Healthcare

At Sussex Healthcare, we value our workers and the great effort they provide to help in bringing change in our society. Apart from receiving payment as a reward for the excellent job, the employees feel good when helping the old in their quest to find themselves physically and emotionally.

Sussex Healthcare, situated in the United Kingdom, has more than 22 homes and 500-bed spaces for the old. The facility began in the year 1985. People from all walks of life have trust with us on taking care of their loved ones. We show the true nature of an excellent experience by offering emotional and psychological support.

At Sussex Healthcare, we have leaders with historical experience in medical care. We have two joined chairmen; Shiraz Boghani, an individual qualified in hospitality management. Boghani works with Splendid Hospitality, a group that runs more than 20 hotels. Shafik Sachedina is also a chairman of the healthcare. Sachedina is a graduate of the University of London where he attained a degree in dentistry. Moreover, our healthcare facility is becoming more prosperous under the leadership of Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the CEO. Morgan-Taylor got appointed as the chief executive officer in March 2018. Morgan-Taylor is an expert in medical care where she began in the year 1984 as a mental health nurse. The CEO understands the various difficulties her employees undergo since she worked herself up through different ranks to the position she is now.


Apart from offering medical care to the elderly, we also provide comfort to other adults with developing situations such as autism, neurological condition, learning disabilities, and brain injuries. We have caregivers trained to handle different situations and determined to provide proper physical and emotional satisfaction to our patients. Also, our chefs qualify to offer nutritious food to people who need special dietary. Our primary goal is to provide a favorable environment for leisure and recreational activities.

Our workers have specialties in providing mental and physical stimulation through various physical activities. The activities should be fun and have a sense of healing for a comfortable life. At Sussex Healthcare, we purpose to provide a smile to our patients at all time out of physical and psychological pain. Our various recreational facilities include; spa pools, multi-sensory rooms, and track hoists. The activities can bring healing of depression, mental illness, insomnia, and numerous types of cancer. We come up with a healing society where one patient cares for the other. The Sussex healthcare receives rewards and high ratings through providing the most appropriate and valuable health care.

Compassionate Care with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in out Dallas, Texas. He has vigorous training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and uses this training to help his patients reach their goals. He approaches each patient as a whole and considers both their physical and mental health. On websites like Patients’ Choice and UCompareHealth, he is consistently given almost perfect ratings from his patients for both the procedure and his bedside manner.


In 2012, Dr. Sameer Kejurikar was presented with the Compassionate Doctor Certification from Patients’ Choice and it was seconded by the American Registry who placed him on the Registry of Business Excellence. This honor was only given to 3% of practicing doctors in the United States. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was honored by the award and thankful to the patients that reviewed him online.


An artist at heart, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a passion for surgery and astounding attention to detail. He performs plastic surgery on both the face and body of his patients with special expertise in the eyes, nose, and breast. Each year he uses his talents to work with Smile Bangladesh to provide surgery to underprivileged children with congenital facial deformities.


A graduate of the University of Michigan, he earned his bachelor’s and M.D. at the school. He graduated the University of Michigan Medical School as a member of the Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha. He continued with a residency at the prestigious University of Michigan Medical Center followed by a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.


He is a member the of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and certified by the American Medical Association. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is where Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has practiced out of since 2009 and is affiliated with 8 different hospitals in the Dallas area.


Lifeline Screening Is The Ultimate 21st Century Preventative Healthcare Strategy,’’ Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Many deaths are avoidable if there is a plan to detect potential health problems early, says Dr. Andrew Monganaro, the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening. Dr. Manganaro spent 35 years in the private practice of cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery prior to starting Life Line Screening (LSS), a preventative health screening company offering many types of tests to identify health issues before they become serious or cause fatalities.

Most of the time, people with potentially life threatening health challenges do not have the means to know of emerging health challenges, or to take preventive measures. The earlier people detect health problems, the better it is for them to seek the right medical solutions.

“We need some ways to help people identify any potential health challenges before it is too late,” notes Dr. Monganaro. The risk of stroke, vascular diseases, and osteoporosis is on the rise,’’ he notes.

The Importance of Detecting Ill Health Signs Early

The idea of Life Line Screening started when Dr. Monganaro worked as a cardiovascular surgeon in private practice. He would come across several catastrophic health cases, such as carotid embolic stroke and ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, which were preventable if only the patients had been aware of their sicknesses before the chronic stages.
“Life Line Screening,’’ explains Dr. Monganaro, “offers the opportunity to identify asymptomatic diseases early for the patients to start the necessary lifestyle changes. For the doctors, Life Line Screening would help them prescribe the medication that stops disease progression and any catastrophes in the future.’’

Potentially lifesaving screening tests provided by Life Line Screening include electrocardiogram, or EKG, using non invasive electrodes. There are also abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease) and, bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk).

Besides, blood screens for total cholesterol, glucose levels to determine diabetes risk, C-reactive protein, an indicator for cardiovascular disease, and the levels of ALT and AST liver enzymes, an indicator of liver injury are available at “>Life Line Screening too.

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