Graeme Holm Will Be Around For Infinity

Graeme Holm is a competitor at heart. A former semi pro football player, he transitioned into finance after a career-ending injury. He transferred his competitiveness into the banking industry and made his way to manager at the age of 21. He is a compassionate person who wants to see homeowners in good situations. Graeme has mainly focused on home and investment loans through his stellar career. Holm saw a gap in the home loan and mortgage industry within his community and aimed to help fill those gaps.

For countless people globally, the knowledge of home loan repayment and finance management hasn’t always been easily attained. So during 2013, Graeme and his partner Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia. Their passion to help people reach their financial goals gave them the motivation they needed early on.

With a genuine approach to help others better their financial situations, IGA rapidly flourished within its first 12 months. The company has made tremendous efforts helping the Australian community and furthered its influence annually since 2013. With over 20 members apart of the IGA staff, every member brings something unique to the organization.

Holm’s drive to help mortgage borrowers decrease debt has kept him pushing for all these years. Giving support and guidance to all clients he encounters puts them at ease. Banks are operations that work as a structured-system and not always as a service, Graeme Holm has assisted in filling this gap stupendously. His ability to build authentic rapports with his clients has gave his business a reputation that precedes. Numerous testimonials from Infinity Group Australia’s clients shows how Holm and his business operates. Graeme mentioned in an interview that his persistence of not giving up has made him successful. He and his investment company has earned an abundance of awards over the past years. It is evident that Graeme Holm and IGA are passionate people who are here for the long run. Learn more :