Rocketship Education: a exciting new adventure in education

A new charter school has been making waves in the sea of education, and they seem to just be getting started. The name itself sets expectations high above the clouds; “Rocketship Education”. Rocketship Education is a public charter school based in the United States with a focus on educating children with new techniques. They are located in multiple states, with the largest school branch residing in California. While providing new techniques that encourages children to learn at a faster pace than other schools, Rocketship also boasts a high enrollment rate of low-income families. This shows the desire the company has to put children’s education first and foremost.

One new technique introduced in the classrooms are the flexible classrooms. This technique employs four instructors in a room with up to 100 students. This seemed like an outrageous concept for some employees at the school, though they adjusted very easily with the change. One instructor can oversee and lecture up to twenty-five students at one time, with each teaching the same lesson. Under this new technique, the instructors have creative freedom with how and when they teach different aspects of a subject, with leads to more interesting lessons that are sure to keep the students engaged. This technique also leads to more interactive lessons for the students and instructors, with leads to a certain bond forming between the two groups.

This bond ensures academic progress and less frustration in the classroom, as each instructor will learn what works with each class. This new technique also increases a students self-control and time management. A large number of students gives the atmosphere a competitive atmosphere, which can cause many students to study harder to rise to the top of the class faster. As some students find a certain subject hard to retain, the instructor can introduce interactive activities that ensure a memorable experience. Experienced instructors and motivated students prepped Rocketship to expand the school’s atmosphere of influence, with up to forty schools to be constructed by the year 2020. If all goes according to plan, the school plans to develop other techniques that showcase children’s potential in the classroom and expand to other countries.

Crucial Information About Betsy DeVos’ Acts of Benevolence

Apart from being a famous reformist with firm Christian foundations, Betsy is also a kindhearted person. When it comes to politics, Betsy and her husband are conservatives and have channeled an equally huge lump sum towards sponsoring Democratic candidates. However, this can never compare to the massive amounts they have always donated towards the less fortunate. Back in 1989, Betsy and her husband Dick founded a charitable foundation, which they have been bankrolling until now.

In 2015, the billionaire couple was believed to have spent over $ 10 million on several organizations and pledged to give further support in years to come. Among the organizations they have been funding include; Loudspeaker Media Inc., Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House, Alliance for School Choice, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy to mention but a few. The couples’ giving has just been incredible.

Betsy’s Life Background and Political Influence

Betsy was born to Elsa and Edgar in 1958. The Holland-bred lady graduated from Calvin College with a bachelor’s in arts. While on campus she had participated in politics. It is also notable that she was raised on such firm Christian grounds, which she stands for until date. From 1982 she endeavored in politics and took the office of a local precinct delegate for the Michigan Republican Party for two terms in a row, up to 1986.

Again between 1992 and 1997, she served the office of Michigan’s national committeewoman, after which she became the chairperson of Michigan Democratic Party. In 2000 she confessed to having never been shy. She always fought aggressively and pushed what she believed in. Being an iron woman with a great mind, following with naivety was never her position. The reformist in her would never allow her to settle for status quo. Read more news on

What Betsy’s Business Career Life Looks Like

Betsy chairs a group called Windquest, which invests in tech, development, and clean energy. The venture was launched by the couple back in 1989. She had also been sitting in board meetings at Neurocore, a group providing therapies for people with disorders such as autism, depression, anxiety and several others.

Currently, Betsy is humbly serving in the office of U.S education secretary. She assumed the office on February 7, 2017, under the presidency of Donald Trump. It is thought that her defined ground on Christianity influenced the president to nominate Betsy for that important office.


Mainly, the couple gives to demonstrate what education means to them. They ensure a high allotment towards educational courses. For organizations that are in support of education reform, it has been wonderful working with the couple as they finance them often. Probably it is because of their high priority towards education that Betsy DeVos serves as the U.S Education Secretary. Follow Betsy on Twitter