Talkspace is Here for You

There are many types of addictions that exist. A few of many include: sexual, alcohol, shopping, and stress. WHAT?! Stress? Yes, stress can also be an addiction. Once we are accustomed to a high amount of stress we often feel that it is necessary to constantly continue to have high degrees of stress.

Signs are often indicators of a stress addiction. Symptoms of stress include insomnia, a change in appetite, irritability, depression, increased heart rate, and withdrawal. If you think you are a stress addict there are ways to alleviate high stress levels. Some daily practices are meditation, deep breathing, journaling, fitness, and yoga. What is most effective is dependent upon the individual needs of the person. It is important to de-escalate due the negative impact stress can have on the body and mind. Seeking counsel is also an excellent way to de-stress.

A new and popular form of therapeutic counsel is the usage of Talkspace. Talkspace is a text based form of therapy. While using the app, an individual is connected with a primary therapist who he or she can talk with throughout the day.

Unlike traditionally therapy, Talkspace is very cost effective. Talkspace only costs $25 a week and provides much more availability. Whereas, traditionally therapy can range between $20-$250 a session. This is quite a drastic price difference.

Professionals from talk space have been kind enough to provide examples of methods they use to alleviate a high level of stress. These are tips that clients would highly benefit from when trying to feel calm. Among the helpful list are lighting candles, using essential oils, listening to audio books, doing karaoke, surrounding yourself with family and friends, doing a ten minute stretch before bed, riding horses, walking on the beach, preparing snacks, having wine, and listening to music.