Yanni Hufnagel: An Example of Loyalty Within Basketball Coaching

When you think about basketball coaches, you should think about Yanni Hufnagel. The former assistant coach for Harvard University felt inspired to let others know that he is proud of his success. Recently, Hufnagel traveled through the archives of Harvard basketball thinking about some of the best moments he shared with colleagues as well as students.


Notably, Yanni was known for his hard work and loyalty within the sporting program. To top that off, Yanni didn’t allow any negativity in his practices nor in those locker room lectures. In other words, he was always willing to help a student get to the next level by teaching them to ignore rumors. Particularly, whenever Yanni started helping a player, he watched for the areas of improvement. Moreover, there were times where a player had to watch and critique their own areas of improvement play-by-play.


Specifically, Yanni Hufnagel has helped a lot of Harvard players get to the next level of basketball. While working with Tommy Amaker, Yanni learned what was expected of him. As it turns out, Hufnagel had a successful career as an assistant basketball coach that went on to future endeavors. Throughout his business career, he is grateful to have touched many students and facility. With that same token, Yanni always made someone’s day brighter, especially those who needed a little more practice on the court.


Ordinarily, Hufnagel may call for extra drills during practice, but in a lot of cases, Yanni had students work on believing that they could succeed in a game. Nonetheless, the assistant coach noted that he was always needed even if everyone didn’t recognize it.


Overall, Yanni taught his teams to never forget to make a great impression for your spectators. In summary, Yanni believed that he was capable of doing other great things in his career. As he looks back into his archives, there was a passion and a drive that was there in 2014 that never left.