Drew Madden Believes That The Big Story Right Now Is Amazon And CVS

You can choose to pay attention to whatever the news media puts out there for you to consume or you can search out the big stories for yourself. Right now, one of the most under the radar stories out there according to experts like Drew Madden is a story of titan versus titan. This of course refers to the ongoing business maneuvers of Amazon and CVS.

For the record, Drew Madden is a professional in the healthcare IT space who has worked his way up from a simple employee at a healthcare IT company all the way into being his own boss as an entrepreneur in the space. You might imagine that he has a lot of experience in this area, and you would be right about that.

CVS and Amazon has been an interesting battle for him to keep an eye on as both are doing whatever they possibly can to gain a stronger foothold in the realm of healthcare. CVS is obviously already an established player, but they are attempting to become even stronger in their position as they do fear companies like Amazon moving in on their space. At the same time, some companies such as Walgreens and the like have not been nearly as proactive in reacting to the kinds of things that Amazon has been doing.

You could say that these are just two different approaches to the same problem, but it is hard to deny that CVS seems to be making the better call here, at least on the surface of things.

What we have right now is a classic battle of the ages between two companies that really badly want to do each other in. Drew Madden has a front row seat to it all as he continues to sit atop his perch in the healthcare IT industry. The rest of us just have to wait and see what happens as we all hope for the best when it comes to how these companies will settle out their issues. At this precise moment it is difficult to say who will ultimately come out on top. All that we do know is that it is bound to be a pretty good battle.

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