Penelope Kokkinides Is A Healthcare Voice For Puerto Rico

InnovaCare, Inc. is an innovative healthcare company which serves the citizens of Puerto Rico under the private plan name of MMM Healthcare, Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. The healthcare programs are Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans which are a part of the island’s Government Health Plan (GHP) which provides extensive coverage for its residents. InnovaCare, Inc. is a success because of their partnership with payors and providers working together to provide quality healthcare services.


Helping to lead this premier health plan system is Ms. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. The President and CEO of InnovaCare is Mr. Richard Shinto who was hired in 2016. Ms. Kokkinides is experienced in working with the Medicare and Medicaid programs in different healthcare industries. Kokkinides has years of corporate leadership experience in healthcare having worked at Centerlight Health Care, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice.


In years past and more recently, since Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s GHP and InnovaCare Medicaid programs are tenaciously working to make sure that all residents receive medical treatment without any interruptions. To identify how well InnovaCare is working on the island, the company was honored by Medicare and Medicaid with a top-tier healthcare rating. InnovaCare was also rewarded with Puerto Rico’s NCQA accreditation.


In 2017, Penelope Kokkinides was invited to the White House, along with eight other women who were administrators of healthcare organizations. As a roundtable discussion, Mr. Kokkinides became the healthcare voice of Puerto Rico. In the presence of President Donald Trump and CMS Administrator Seema Verma, Ms. Kokkinides addressed critical issues affecting the Island. The issues involved creating a stronger more secure health care service across Puerto Rico and to receive additional health care funding from the government to support Puerto Rico.


Penelope Kokkinides stated that if more funding is not provided and the system collapses, then Puerto Rico citizens could possibly move to the States where they would be eligible for Medicare, but which would cost them three times than what Puerto Rico is expressing presently. The Trump Administration stated that they were considering making changes to all Medicare Advantage programs and which would help Puerto Rico keep their heads above water.


Mr. Kokkinides told the Administration and CMS that the government’s financial assistance is not only the right thing to do but is the more responsible thing to do. At the conclusion of the meeting, President Trump gave accolades to women working in the healthcare industry and their leadership roles. A few days after the meeting, CMS approved financial adjustment plans for Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System.


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