Securus Technologies Keeping Prison Officials Safe

Working inside a local prison has to be one of the more challenging jobs in the world. Every day that I head to work, I know that I may be severely injured by our violent inmates. We have a very strong inmate population of gang members, and many have no regard for adding to their sentence by hurting an officer. Me and my team of officers have to make do with whatever technology is available to help maintain order, and this year we may have finally found a system that will clamp down on all this prison violence.


Securus Technologies has been involved with making jails safe around the county, and their inmate call monitoring system is already installed in thousands of those facilities. The company is based in Texas, has over a thousand dedicated employees, and the CEO says all his team has a single objective in mind, making the world a safer place to live. Now that the monitoring system was installed in our facility, my team could not wait to see it in action.


The LBS software now does all the work that my team used to do manually listening to the inmates using the jail phone. The big advantage for us is now we can utilize the extra manpower in other areas of the jail that desperately need it. While my team may be doing cell inspections or searching visitors in the guest center, the LBS software is analyzing chatter by the inmates and alerting us to trouble.


This week already the software alerted my team when an inmate was telling his mother how to get her medication past the guards into the visitor center. Another time the system picked up on a conversation where inmates were planning a coordinated attack on a rival gang member that could have resulted in numerous deaths.