End Citizens United Continues The Fight

In 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States decided one of the most important cases brought before the court in the history of the United States. The court ruled in the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C. that “corporations are people” thus opening the door for big donors and special interests to contribute unlimited and untraceable funds to influence America’s elections. With this open door billionaires such as the Koch Brothers and many other corporations are legally spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to influence our election process. This decision has led to much debate about how the balance of power is controlled when this much money is involved. Many Americans do not agree with this Supreme Court ruling and have formed a Political Action Committee that intends to reverse this momentous decision.


End Citizens United established in March 2015 with the mission of overturning Citizens United and reversing the disastrous effects of this ruling by reforming the campaign finance system. They intend to demonstrate to elected officials, candidates and the voters that the grassroots are fighting back with vigor against the billionaires who are trying to buy our elections. The key to building a coalition that will work toward finance reform is by supporting candidates that are pro-reform and passing state ballot measures. End Citizens United will make the matter of money in politics a national priority, exposing how unlimited, dark money, is corrupting our political system.


End Citizens United will support Democrats and Independents that have demonstrated a desire to promote campaign reform. They will also stand behind candidates that are being attacked by special interest groups, their big donors and their network of Super Pac’s. End Citizens United realize this is going to be a long fight, Republican leadership in Congress will do everything in their power to see this disastrous Supreme Court decision remains in place.


In recent news End Citizens United is raising a lot of money that will support chosen candidates in the mid-term elections of 2018. During the first quarter of this year, the group has raised over $4 million and expects to raise over $35 million before the midterm congressional elections. These donations are a significant increase over the $25 million raised for the 2016 elections, the first election cycle for End Citizens United. The $4 million reflects around 100,000 people contributing during the first quarter, with around 40,000 of these being first-time donors. The average amount donated so far this year is $12. For individuals who feel they are being excluded from the electoral process by mega-donors, this is a way to fight back, proving grassroots efforts can work. The recent appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the way it was handled by Congress has only added to the commitment of supporters of End Citizens United.


The New Venture Of Construcap Is Engenharia e Projetos

Fluor Corporation and Construcap of Brazil are getting into a new joint venture. They will have their office in Sẵo Paulo. This new venture will be called CFPS Engenharia e Projetos, S.A.

This venture will pursue engineering and procurement in addition to construction management services. Construcap is among the largest engineering, procurement as well as construction companies in Brazil. It has been around for nearly 70 years now. It serves the industrial, commercial as well as heavy civil markets.

Hence ventures like CFPS Engenharia e Projetos will be linking this growing presence of Construcap in Brazil along with the project execution capabilities as well as global resources of Fluor Corporation at http://www.catho.com.br/vagas-emprego/construcap/125218/. Both these companies will be providing technology along with human resources to CFPS. The aim is to bring forth an improvement in project performance as well as predictability. This will help to enhance the growth of their Brazilian clients by increasing their profitability on construcap.com.br.

Fluor has nearly 100 years of experience in engineering, procuring as well as constructing successful projects. Their projects are spread over six continents. This is going to be combined with the leadership role of Construcap in Brazil. It is a winning combination for the clients, shareholders and even the communities.

Initially, the office for CFPS Engenharia e Projetos will have about 200 professionals. It will be located at Agua Branca in Sẵo Paulo. This new venture will be providing world-class project services on jornalcruzeiro.com.br. It will be catering to clients in the oil, gas, as well as chemicals and petrochemicals sectors. Even the industrial, power along with mining industries will be benefitting from their combined strengths.

Construcap was founded in 1944. It is a construction company. It is privately held and is a Brazilian company. It has over 12000 employees. It is focused on technological innovation as well as sustainability.