Securus Technologies Defends Principles

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications for corrections facilities, safety organizations, and law enforcement organizations. The company currently serves over 1.2 million inmates and their families and over 3,400 clients all across North America.


With the services that Securus offers, inmates can connect with their families on a daily basis, if they wish. Their communications technology allows hookups with iPhones, Androids, VOIP, tablets, and regular landline setups. Calling plans include collect calls, prepaid calls, inmate debit, where the call is paid for by the inmate, and direct billing. The very popular video calling system lets both parties view each other during the call if they have a webcam setup on both ends. Jail voicemail, email, and a money transfer system are other features that are available.


Certainly, Securus has paved the way in showing how to successfully build and maintain a high volume communications platform while at the same time keep customer satisfaction and excellent service at maximum levels.


In recent months, GTL, a competitor has spewed forth a mountain of falsehoods and blatant lies regarding how they claim that their pricing and servicing capabilities exceed those of Securus. The false information being thrown out into the void is remarkable and unbelievable.


Securus made the decision to halt the nonsense so they put forth an offer to have a public challenge where the metrics of both companies would be compared in a public manner with proof required to back up the claims. A disinterested third party would “officiate” the process, and the winner would be announced publicly.


When the challenge was announced, there was sudden silence from the other side for a few weeks, and then GTL politely declined the challenge. Securus knew this would happen, as there is no way GTL can stack up against the track record that Securus has developed over the years.


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