Kim Dao Spends A Weekend In Tokyo

Kim Dao recently posted a video on YouTube showing her weekend adventure in Tokyo with her friend, Sharla. After she met some friends at the subway station Kim Dao went to find a place to eat lunch. They settled on going to Family Mart where they got spicy chicken and milk.

After eating Kim Dao went shopping, stopping at a place to admire the headbands and necklaces they had for sale. After this, they visited the Sando district of Tokyo and visited a shop with cat themed trinkets and dolls. She also stopped to shop for clothes at a great place where everything was 50% off.

Kim Dao’s next stop was a YouTube event in Roppongi. The event featured local YouTube stars videos playing on monitors in the wall. There were also tables filled with food including cupcakes. Kim also stopped in a photo booth with her friends where they took several fun pictures of themselves. Around sundown Kim Dao left the YouTube event and went to an eatery called cafe the 6BT where they had dinner where Kim had a Soymilk Tartar Sandwich Plate.

On Sunday Kim Dao again went out with her friend Sharla. The first thing they did was have their nails done at a salon. After stopping at a Subway for lunch Kim Dao and Sharla wen to go shopping again where she bought gifts for a friend in the hospital. Later in the day she again had dinner with her friends and finished the day off with donuts.

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